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Polo Shirts

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This range of work polo shirts has everything you need for a great work uniform. We have fantastic polyester and cotton options. There's a style to suit everyone too. Plus, our embroidered polo shirts allow you to add your branding to them to really make everyone feel part of the team. Whether you're colour-coordinating your team uniforms or want all team members wearing brand colours, this range has you covered. In addition to the vast assortment of styles, we also have a broad range of colours to choose from. Combine the right fit, colours and personalised embroidery to create the perfect work polo shirt for your uniform.

The polo shirts in this range are from top brand names such as Henbury, so you know you can trust they are the highest quality and offer a great fit. Explore this range and find a comfortable and stylish workwear option you and your workforce are sure to love.

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