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For casual, comfortable clothing for your team that still looks smart and professional, explore our collection of work hoodies at Cobra Workwear. Warm and stylish, our vast range is filled with varying styles and colours, so you can find the perfect hoodies to match your company branding and style. Whether your team need an extra layer when on-site or to keep warm in the office, a work hoodie as part of their uniform is the perfect way to keep all team members smart and professional. We are also pleased to offer hi-vis hoodies from brands such as Regatta to maximise safety for your workforce.

Once you have chosen your perfect work hoodie, take advantage of our expert printing and embroidery services. This allows you to add company logos and branding to your chosen garments. Our custom hoodies are also great for promotional events, industry trade shows, and team get-togethers. Browse the full range and find a style and colour that works for you, including zipped hoodies.

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