Workwear Gilets & Bodywarmers

Workwear Gilets & Bodywarmers

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We have a range of branded gilets and work bodywarmers to keep you safe in even the coldest work environments. Working in any type of cold environment can be challenging for anyone. Those who work outdoors will constantly deal with the elements and must be able to adapt as they change throughout the year. The winter months are some of the harshest to operate in, but with our warm work gilets, you can handle all the rain, wind, and snow that comes your way.

But it's equally as tough for those working in cold indoor environments. Those working in freezers and cold warehouses may also require workwear bodywarmers. We've got you covered with everything from high-vis solutions to ensure your workers stay seen to cosy fleece linings for the coldest weather!  You can personalise our workwear gilet and bodywarmers too. With our workwear embroidery service, you can add your company logo to your new work bodywarmers to help you stand out from the crowd. Explore our range of cold-weather workwear and find what you need to stay warm on the job – it is never too early or too late to upgrade your winter workwear for the safety and comfort of your staff!

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